Mupple – Mashup Personal Learning Environment Lecture Series


The trailer was made in cooperation with the Sound and Vision department of the Open University. Produced by Alba Madriz in cooperation with Studio 43.

After three years of MUPPLE workshops and one special issue,  the state of the art in Mash-Up Personal Learning Environments will be available as a video lecture series and – subsequently – in a textbook (Editors Fridolin Wild, Matthias Palmer, and Marco Kalz).

The dates for the MUPPLE lectures are:

12/04/2011 – Denis Gillet – Social Media Models: Supporting Interaction, Recommendation and Trust
26/04/2011 – Matthias Palmer: Widget Communication using partial semantic interoperability; Mapping the MUPPLE features of web based systems (double lecture).
03/05/2011 – Ivan Zuzak: Interwidget communication.
10/05/2011 – Scott Wilson: Widgets and Mashups for Personal and Institutional Technologies.
17/05/2011 – Fridolin Wild: Learning an ecosystem: networks, mash-ups, analytics.

The upcoming lectures are:

07 June 2011 (Tuesday): PolyCAFe: Widgets for Analysing Interanimation: Traian Rebedea

Coming soon as Podcast: Open Learning Ecosystems: learning in niches between self-direction and networked affordance: Kai Pata

23 June 2011 (Thursday): Approach for filtering: Recommender systems for TEL: Hendrik Drachsler

24 June 2011 (Friday): Evaluation: Open Data, DataShop, Shared Methodology: the dataTEL initiative: Hendrik Drachsler

01 July 2011 (Friday):  Loops, Gaps and Contradiction: Three Objects that Foster Learning in PLEs: Philippe Dessus

05 July 2011 (Tuesday):  Approach for data capturing: (Contextual) Attention Meta-Data: Martin Wolper

07 July 2011 (Thursday): Identity: (re-)construction of a digital self: Steven Warburton

08 July 2011 (Friday): Reflection in action / on action / for assessment: from the informal to the formal: Thomas Sporer

13 July 2011 (Wednesday): Why personalise? The snowflake effect: Erik Duval

14 July (Thursday): Structuration of Personal Learning Environments: Marco Kalz

15 July 2011 (Friday): Learning literacies: Alison Littlejohn

Each lecture serie will be recorded and will be available after the event. Further information about when and where to see the series will be announced in this group.