Whats new on TELeurope

During my work for the FP7 Network of Excellence STELLAR, I have been working on the social networking platform TELeurope. TELeurope is based on the open source software Elgg. Some of the highlights of TELeurope are: Complete new landing page The landing page got a complete face lift. We added a FlashVlog, which will update […]

The afterlife of living deliverables: angels or zombies

Within the STELLAR project, we provide the possibility to use living documents for the collaborative writing work on deliverables. Compared to ‘normal‘ deliverables, ‘living’ deliverables come into existence much earlier than their delivery deadline and are expected to ‘live on’ after their official delivery to the European Commission. They are expected to foster collaboration. Within […]

ELLIMent – Supporting Life Long Learning Skills Online

Online mentoring tool for the ELLI framework for lifelong learning (http://kmi.open.ac.uk/technologies/name/elliment) ELLIMent is an online tool which aims to support mentors and mentees with reflection on their dispositions for lifelong learning. It helps to organize the workflow between mentors and mentees through Keeping lifelong learning dispositions at the heart of the reflection process Enabling mentors […]